Hate Eternal in Bogus Rendition zine #666


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Feb 7, 2005
Bogus Rendition #666

Featuring interviews with Randy from Lamb of God and Guy from the Red Chord

Show Reviews of:
Hate Eternal w/ Krisiun, Into Eternity
Dehumanized w/ Malignancy, Teratism
$ound'$ of the $ellout (I mean “underground”) tour 2005
Doom + Grind Fest 2005
The Black Dahlia Murder w/BTBAM, Cephalic Carnage, Into the Moat
Through the Eyes of the Dead w/ the Red Death

Also a features on riding freight trains from Maine to Montana and back, hitting Trampfest 05 on the way, the forth installment of the fictional epic “Funky Rais,” plus a ton of CD reviews and a shit load of other stuff…

Coming in November

For those who don’t know, Bogus Rendition is a crusty old DIY zine that focus’s mainly on heavy metal in it’s ever so many different forms, as well as whatever else I feel like putting in (usually a lot of travel stories and other stuff that for some reason I get a kick out of). There’s always plenty of photos and artwork of all kinds throughout.

To score a copy, send $2 (cash, check, money order) to the address below, or if you’re near where the free copies get left for the taking, have at it!

Justin Curtsinger/Bogus Rendition
25 Gooding’s End
Yarmouth ME

www.bogusrendition.com (which has a huge photo section of all sorts of stuff, music related and non)
email: bogusrendition@yahoo.com