Boo-ing the Vein

Does Tapping the Vein suck?

  • "Yes, they are shit and should die painfully for defiling the same stage that Almighty Opeth plays o

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  • "They suck, but not so much that they should be booed when they play."

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  • "They're a good band on the wrong tour."

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  • "They rock! Opeth fans are assholes! TtV is the best!"

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Jan 26, 2003
Greensboro NC
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Did anybody else here who went to any of the American tour dates notice a very negative crowd reaction to Tapping the Vein?

I saw them in VA at Jaxx, and while Opeth ROCKED, I thought TtV was definitely in front of the wrong crowd. I didn't care too much for them at all, and even though I could tell nobody else really did, I didn't hear any booing or anything like that....

I read a post by somebody who went to the Montreal show who said TtV was getting booed big time at that show.

I find that amusing, simply because in VA, the chick from TtV threw a big hissy fit on stage after somebody said "play some slayer!" Now, that may not have been a polite thing to yell, but it was FAR from "you suck" or "boo!"

But she got all pissed off and called the guy an asshole and whined about how tough opening bands have it and how we shouldn't expect Opeth to "just come out and play"... she basically sounded like a substitute teacher bitching about disrespectful behavior... it was terrible... unprofessional as hell and definitely NOT the way to win the crowd.

Are they acting like that at every show? Was the crowd hostile at other shows? Just curious...
you forgot another option: "I missed them every time the three times I went to Opeth shows, MA and NY because I was at a bar downing Guinesses, and PA because I couldnt find my way to this town called Philly" :D

I heard so much negative stuff about TtV, I thuoght they would suck terribly.

So then I saw them in Chicago, I don't know what everyone was talking about; sure, they weren't great, and they were very different from Opeth, in terms of style, but they definately did not suck.

Someone in the crowd screamed for slayer, really loud, the singer just kinda laughed, and went on. Other than that, the crowd was fine.
I thought they were not that bad at the Worcester, MA show. They basically got a crappy and disinterested reaction, though.

My feeling is because the bulk of the people were there to see a band that is not that accessible in the states. Truthfully, it's a rare chance for a true Opeth lover here in the states to actually see Opeth live. That creates such an anticipation for the band, that you just want to get over the opening acts, and have them play. Personally, I would of loved 3 hours of Opeth.

At the Worcester show, there was a local opening act called Beyond The Embrace. They were great, and they really pumped up the crowd, and the crowd gave them a very favorable reaction. When TTV came on, the emotion died with them - their music is not "pump you up" music. But she has a great voice, and they do have an interesting sound. I guess most any band touring with Opeth is on the wrong tour, for it's Opeth people want.
the crowd in chicago was pretty polite. they're music is kind of a simplistic, goth-y, "fem-fronted quasi-doom" thing that doesn't do it for me, but it wasn't painful to listen to or anything.

but yeah, i didn't hear any boos. the crowd clapped when they were supposed to and fidgeted about for opeth.
I was at the Montreal show... to be honnest.. I didn't hear much boos... Maybe whoever said he heard some was actually next to him/her. Anyways.. my friends really got into them.. I didn't but .. anyways... there will always be some A-Hole to complain about everything!

And I say..
I was at montreal, they were not booed. I was up front, and sure no one was really into it at all, but the crowd definately did not boo on a major scale. Maybe one person did, but they clearly didn't take much notice of those individuals. Had lacuna coil stayed on the bill TtV would have fit better.
Lacuna Coil, I think, would have gotten a MUCH better reaction than TtV did. I personally like LC a lot... but TtV does nothing for me...

dunno why, but damn those fuckin' Euro governments for not giving LC the work permits to come on tour!

Maybe some other time.

Man, I can't WAIT for the Damnation tour dates to be released... I'll be on ticketmaster every fucking 5 minutes waiting to buy tix to the show closest to me...... :::pant pant drool drool::::
I didnt think that TtV was that bad, how ever Pardise Lost was fucking terrible, worst band i ever saw. I wish i came last and just saw opeth honstly.
I don't get the whole Slayer thing... am I missing something brutally obvious or it a stupid joke?

Anyway, I didn't they were that bad... the front woman was pretty cute, too...
I think it has become sort of a metalhead tradition to yell "play some slayer!" at bands you don't worship... My old (death metal) band used to get that alot... we learned a few slayer riffs just to shut 'em up...

My old bass player says he's heard people yell "play some slayer" at SLAYER shows.

Just a thing people do.
AHAHAHAHAHA I saw Slayer in August with Soulfly and In Flames. (I wish In Flames would have played longer, and Soulfly should just be killed)

Anyways that was totaly off topic....

Anyways again... I was at the LA show...and ya know...I was talking all big on this message board at all the shit I was going to yell at the singer, but when they took the stage and I was standing right in front of her...I just felt so bad for her. lol

As you know the LA show was pretty close to the end of the tour...and I can just imagine how shitty it was for her to get negative shit...

To be honest, I hated them, but just cause I felt bad for her I aplauded them a bit. lol

Paridise Lost was terrible too.

The LA Crowd didn't seem to negative though

blah blah blah, I have wasted enough time on this post.