Brave - Searching For The Sun


May 8, 2001
I know I saw Brave mentioned on here a while ago, so I thought you might want to know that the new album Searching For The Sun is out July2nd through Dark Symphonies.

I got a copy today and it's beautiful. A bit heavier than the EP and the Arise From Thorns stuff; I'd say that's a move in the right direction for them.

Dark Symphonies
I hung out with these guys on Tues! They played a battle of the bands show, which they won of course (but they will eventually lose to a ska band :mad: ). They played mostly new stuff, and I loved it all. Especially that heavy one, where the metal influence is obvious.

They're doing a mini-tour this summer, going to Chicago, South Bend, and Cleveland, I think. I'll have to double-check those cities.

And Suvo Sur, the violinist from 40 Days Longing, will be performing with them and doing some studio work. It sounded awesome with the violin -- not too much, just perfect.