battle of the bands -- Brave (Arise from Thorns)


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May 2, 2001
Maryland, U.S.
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I know there's some Brave fans on here, so I am bitching to people who feel my pain. Last night I saw Brave play a show at a battle of the bands, which they lost to some stupid Limp Bizkit rip-off. It's just so frustrating all the bullshit that so many truly talented bands have to go through. I guess you can buy their CDs on Dark Symphonies' website now, but they deserve to be so much bigger. I mean, it was kinda sad to watch 'cause they're just miles above any of the shitty high school bands that were playing, and yet they still didn't win. (Side note -- supposedly Sebastian Bach was one of the judges, LOL) I just wanted to stand on a barstool and shout, "Brave has fans all over the world. How many of you turd bands can say that, huh?" :cry:
Yeah, they're great. It really is too bad, but what do you expect? It almost seems sometimes that the more talented a band is the less recognition they can gain. We know they're better, they know they're better, the rest of the world really knows shit, anyways, right?

I also prefer "Arise from Thorns". I think it may sound a bit too dark for them, but it's a far cooler name, I can't argue that.