Opeth Losing in the Battle of the Bands!

try opeth versus iron maiden.

i dunno...i think opeth does so well is because they are the most popular forum here. opeth may stand a chance against maiden (or maybe not) but thats just because maidens main board isnt here. many bands would win in general.

Opeth - 63
Anthrax - 23

I don't know which bands the poll consisted of, but I don't know how the hell Antrax made it to the last 2... I agree it SHOULD be Emperor vs Opeth.. and that would be a really really close call of a poll.
Iron-Flames said:
HAHAHAHAHA, Opeth is now winning the Opeth VS Death...

Opeth can't lose, that is just the end of it :p

That isn't a competition. It's a thread for people who use the chat forum for stuff other than "OPETH ROOLZ!!!!!". 90 votes for Opeth, one of them supported by an opinon posted beyond "opeth i like opeth".
There will be another Battle of the Bands, and Opeth will not win.


And since I probably won't read this thread again, I am not "gay and lying". You are that predictable.