Opeth in Battle of the Band semi-finals


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Feb 21, 2003
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Check out the general UM Chat board, they're running a Battle of the Bands contest, and Opeth is in the semi-finals after beating Slayer on the weekend. I know some of you have voted there, but, they may need more of your support, as the Dark Tranquillity fans are scared of us and have been organizing a strategic voting campaign to vote against Opeth in every poll to try and knock out Opeth before they meet DT.

Of course, they haven't succeeded in getting rid of us so far :lol: (they might not even get there themselves, as they're losing to Emperor in today's battle
Heheh, yes. Most polls have been 12-7 or 15-4 (examples), whereas Dark Tranquillity's match with Einherjer finished 49-4....Fair enough, I think. DT rule. As long as they don't knock Opeth out, that's fine. I'm quite enjoying these contests, they're interesting.
Just a sampling of their silly plotting:
Originally posted by Steve420
My goal in this is to not let Opeth win.
Originally posted by Siren
I'd love to see Opeth lose, they're so overrated...
I hope they lose when they're up against Slayer, with a little bit help from this board perhaps...? ;)
Originally posted by Ormir
If you prefer DT over Opeth, vote Slayer. :p I'm sure someone will rouse the Opethians for a legendary Battle with DT, and then all will be lost. Slayer has a better margin of chance than DT to begin with I think.
Originally posted by Siren
@Villain: Sure. Cookies anyone? :D
Anyway, i do prefer Opeth over Slayer, as a band, any day, but here it's just a matter of tactics. And besides, imo nomatter what the results will show, life will still go on with ppl having their same opinion about their favourite bands and everyone will still know what the good bands are, they don't need a poll to know that..
On the other hand i do believe the Opeth board is full of arrogant lil fanboys, who i'd like to see losing and getting pissed. :devil:

@Ormir: I totally agree. Just notice how on the last round Opeth got only 20 votes (in comparison with the 40+ DT got), just because they didn't feel threatened. If there's a big battle they'll gather forces and win. It's better to slay them when asleep.

Siren (i hope they don't see this :p)
Edit:Siren bis (not taking it seriously :p)
Originally posted by FatherVic
i'd also vote for slayer against Opeth :cry: just if that makes DT win....but just if I saw slayer had any possibility...
Not say that I hate slayer and that I love Opeth, but well i'm devoted to DT :p
Originally posted by Steve420
I vote against Opeth.

Wanna mess'em up and knock'em out before they even make it to us? That would be hilarious!
I voted for Dark Tranquillity because I haven't heard Emperor.

Anyways, DT vs Opeth will be cool, if it gets to that...then we can all get over there and FUCK DT over, they deserve it too...:heh: