Breaking the windows

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no way
Untill we have flames something like "Ahhh shut the fuck up, its Katatonia's forum" then...We r still alive! I c it's only the theme which gave food for thought for some ppl here:)

Cold, you are the best, haha! Who said that metalfans have no brains?! Bring 'em all down!
is all the topic enforcement why no one is talking here anymore!? its bothering me, i mean, the opeth board is alive and well, those cats are discussing everything from screen names to lesbians...
im sick of the silence over here! i hate talking on fucking message boards but this is the exception, because-well, the only person ive met in my town who had ever heard katatonia listens primarily to rapmetal and said "i dont think [katatonia is] anything special" with this twisted, sick, ignorant self satisfied grin on his horrible face!:eek:
what im saying is that i really like reading/participating in conversations with fellow katatonia fans-and here is where all the katatonia fans i know are! its sad but true! i dont really want to go to a forum about a band i love to talk about irrelevant things, but shit i really dont want to go to a forum for a band i love and see absolutely no one talking (especially when there was lots of talking just weeks ago...). i think all those irrelevant conversations they have on other boards may trigger relevant comments from people every now and again? ...i dont know, does anyone else have thoughts on this (or thoughts on lesbians? ...or any thoughts at all?)?