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Jun 7, 2010
New Zealand

I have a question for those who own/run their own business. (studio or otherwise)
I know this will be different in various countries but I want to get some opinions while I research my options.

I recently did some live sound work for someone. I provided them with an invoice for the work done. A few days later I got a phone call from my boss for my full time job (nothing to do with my sound company) saying he has a copy of my invoice on his desk and some concerns about it.
Now I wont go into the concerns as they are invalid BUT I worry about how he got it in the first place and is the legal?
The invoice had no mention of my other job and there is no connection between the 2 jobs so there is no easy way for them to have received it.
Does this sound dodgy to you guys?
Are invoices legal and private documents?

Is your full-time job audio related? I'm not sure what the specific laws are in NZ, but some employers in the US have anti-moonlighting clauses in their contracts.

How he got it is going to be suspect but unless you're breaking company policy by moonlighting then what you do in your own free time is none of your employers damn business.
In the US they can't say anything unless there is a specific clause that you sign as Jeff said. Most of that is common sense and generally has more to do with not competing with your own company or potential divulging sensitive information. If your full time job is in a different field than your part time job I have absolutely no idea why it would matter.
My main full time job is as a music lecturer teaching all manner of things like music history, technology, instrument tuition etc. My private business is studio and live sound.
They had received info that I had used all of their gear for a gig I did and got paid for it. (I understand why this would be an issue) but it was not entirely true, yes I used a couple of items that I had been given permission to use but 99% of the system I used was hired through someone else.
My only real issue here is WHO supplied them with the invoice and did that person do something illegal.

Thanks for the replies so far.
I've recently faced the same issue and also didn't get how it happened. Did you figure it out?
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