Can't get Presonus Firepod SPDIF In to work ...


Apr 8, 2006
Hamburg, Germany
Hi guys,

I am currently in the midst of comparing a Neve 1073 preamp clone with my Presonus Firepod. My idea was to connect the 1073 clone to my Apogee Rosetta and from there via SPDIF into my Firepod which would then send it via Firewire to the computer.

The problem is: I can not get a signal from the Firepod SPDIF into Cubase. If I do the same with my M-Audio card, it works - the problem is that the M-Audio is damaged and distorts, so I can't use it for this test.

I read the manual and this is what I did:

Connect 1073 to Apogee input via XLR
Set Apogee to 24bit and 44.1khz, SPDIF out and Soft Limit
Connect Apogee SPDIF out via Cinch Cable with Presonus SPDIF in
Presonus is connected with computer via Firewire.
In the Firepod control panel the source "SPDIF" is chosen instead of "Internal" (which is neccessary according to the Presonus manual)
In Cubase I chose the Firepod ASIO Driver
I set up a VST Connection Input Bus and selected Input 9 SPDIF Left and Input 10 SPDIF Right.
I selected both input 9 and input 10 alternately in the track to be recorded, but I don't even get a meter reading/signal into the input channel, so nothing is coming in ...

No matter what I do, I get no signal. If I do this with the damaged M-Audio card, I get a signal (although a distorted one). If I go directly through the Presonus Mic Input with my Mic, I get a signal to (once I set the busses up correctly).

The preamp is working (LEDs show that) and the Apogee also gets the signal (LEDs too).

I then recorded with the 1073 Preamp line out directly into the Presonus Line In and compared it with a recording of just the Presonus and the Presonus sounded better to me ...


Can someone help me out here?
I had the original firmware when I tried the SPDIF with a Pod Pro and it worked.

When I updated the firmware the SPDIF worked too.

do you have SPDIF out working at least?

so smy1.... the firepod sounded better?

could you post some clips?