Chicago's Rock Feature


Jul 20, 2008
I did a segment for Mario at Chicago's Rock ( He is a tireless supporter of the Chicago music scene, and a big fan of MWC. Thanks for putting this together for us Mario!

Click over to his website to see additional videos where I just kind of walk through some of the examples of stuff that I play in there.

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I finally had the time to watch all the videos on the chicago rocks website Mike. You're a beast bro! The very end of video 2 where you were talking about moving the open E note to 5th fret B to get that ascending diatonic run to sound clean was very cool dude. Major props on mentioning Eric Johnson also, that guy rules. :headbang:
Dude, EJ is the man! I almost want to do a video for each of my hero's and just talk about what I learned from them, and all that. Oh, dude, I played one of those baritone guitars over at Chris's last month during our mixing session. They kick ass! I totally want one now, its different than my 7-string, in a good way.
Thats cool. My 7 is good for now. This 2nd album is going to be really epic-y anyway. I've always been a dropped-d if I need heaviness type of dude anyway. SymX drops down a whole step, I wonder if that would sound cool for our material. Our future material, I guess. There isn't a drop-tuned tune on this album at all!