Chris Broderick Pick Clip thread - post your thoughts here!

I posted a review in the thread I made at

I won't copy and paste it here because it's pretty long, but long story short, I'm loving it. My only concern is that the malleable metal part that wraps around the thumb may wear out sooner than I'd like and cause the pick clip to slip off.

So if you're reading this Chris, do the pick clips wear out after a while, and if so, how long do you usually go until you switch to a new one?
Chris said he's used the same Pick Clip for over a year now and it's fine. And I doubt there are many players out there that spend more time on their guitar than he does.
I guess everyone is too busy using them than to post their thoughts. Evident in the velocity behind how quickly they sold out in relation to the number of posts.

I love the pick clip. Other than the typical responses around tapping and picking, I really like the fact I can work on recording, write something down, or even take a sip of water without putting down a pick and then have to then go find it.
I guess everyone is too busy using them than to post their thoughts.


Having never used a thumb pick before, it's really taking some getting used to. My picking technique is poor to begin with, as I tend to dig in a little too much sometimes, esp with chords and artificial harmonics. So, where I'm (somewhat) able to get away with it without the clip, having the clip fixed to my thumb makes it seem like I'm playing with a sledge hammer. I guess anything that forces you to look at your technique can't be anything but good, right?

I'm also still experimenting on how it's most comfortable. The angle on my thumb is a little off, so that picking down is ok, but picking up catches the string. Probably mostly due to the issues I mentioned above. Also, I'm trying to make it grip a little higher on my thumb.

Another thing that I've noticed I'm doing is not gripping the pick as much with my index finger. A few times I noticed I was alternate picking and my index finger wasn't even touching the pick. Not sure why I'm doing that yet.

In all, it seems well made. I haven't spent many hours with it yet, but putting it on and off doesn't seem to make it lose grip as I was expecting. I thought I'd have to keep bending it to make it tighter every few times, but it seems to be pretty tough and stay where you put it. The only problems I'm having with it seem to be technique related, so I'll work that out and be better off for it.
Well, I got this pick clip and honestly I´m fascinated, it´s comfortable to have the pick on your thumb permanently and not having to look for it every time you stop playing. Regarding the help that it represents I simply can´t describe it, from the moment I put it on I noticed that every pick I have can be put on the clip, and the style changes completely, the grip onto the pick changes and makes it lighter to use, and the same strenght the clip puts on the pick has it stable on your thumb making the shreding, sweeping and general strenght applied to the movement you need to make extremely easier. It´s comfortable, it looks pretty strong, and my only worry is that the material could wear out quickly but it looks pretty hard to bend. All I can say is that I am extremely happy with the pick clip and even happier that the shipping to Colombia took 3 days to arrive. Congratulations Chris it´s a great idea the one you had and it´s an element that I´m sure will be helpfull to every guitar player with any style on the chart. Greetins from a huuuuge fan in Colombia

Thank you for designing and developing the Pick Clip. I ordered two, on the first day, with the intent to modify them for left-handed use. I'm still working on a way to do this without damaging the Pick Clip. The quality is very nice, by the way. Given the overwhelming response, would you consider making a version for left-handed players?

Thank you
i have mine and i,m very happy it works very well i do loads of 8 finger chord stuff in my band so this has really helped thanks chris top job.
You have got to be fucking kidding me. I've checked this forum every couple months for 2 years now waiting for them to come out, and now they are sold out. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!
mine arrived last week... I spent just some hours with it and played my first show yesterday. they felt a bit slippery underneath and between songs and breaks I was forced to readjust a bit. maybe due to sweat... other than that it works pretty good. we had a short set list of rather slow proggy death metal songs, and I had not time to practise fast iced earth or nevermoresque type rhythms yet, which I do in my main band. so we will see at tomorrows rehearsal, how that will work out!
my main concern at this point is, that I still havent found my old angle to hit the strings, sadly my picking tone changed to the harsher side because of that. plus articifial harmonics are different now, because I am hitting the string below with the metal part that goes around the thumb. I use to be really close with my thumb when I pick, because I also mute the lower strings beneath single note licks with my flesh, when skipping from string to string. now I have to give it a little more space, otherwise I can hear the metal hitting the string, that's how close I play. we will see. but given the fact, that I spent so little time with it yet... and I mean, I would not have played a concert, if I wasn`t sure, I can pull it off with pick clip, to begin with!

I shall keep you all updated, next week I do a 2 week tour though germany.... until then, keep playing!
plus articifial harmonics are different now, because I am hitting the string below with the metal part that goes around the thumb.

I'll be curious to hear how you fix that. I had the same problem and making the pick clip looser around my thumb helped a lot. It actually helped the pick angle too. After doing that, it feels much more natural, and still stays in place.
Ok: I switched from FredKellyBumblebeeThumbPicks and it feels pretty much the same. The big advantage is the versatility, since you can change the pick and you can bend the Clip as you want. It is like a deluxe Edition of my old thumbpicks. I can assure all of you, that you will get used to the new playing feel and will overcome problems with eg harmonics.
Ahahaha, this would be my luck. Just got the clip today. Decided to try it with a heavier pick and when I was slipping it in, the clip shot off my thumb into oblivion, never to be seen again. My fault entirely, but ohh boy, this is gonna be a tough one to find lmao

EDIT: Aaand I found it! Chris, I can now be the first to tell you from first hand experience, the clip is VERY aerodynamic hahaha