Chris Broderick watches me sin at night alone

The_Nameless_One said:
That sounds like a really cool idea, we could start an online petition for it, I'd love to get my hands on Ample Destruction

An online petition definitely sound like a good idea. I have a bootleg copy of "Ample" together with the debut EP. Actually, it's aburn, so it's a bootleg of a bootleg. Not the preferable way to get it, obviously, but I guess the band can take comfort in the fact that some bootlegger didn't make money off their music. If any of you still need to get yourselves a copy, I recommend:

Avalanche9601 said:
Meh, those online petitions never work, do they? Maybe the band could talk to him about it? Or maybe we could write him ourselves? the site isn't up yet, but he does have a link to his email address. Or, if you're a lazy bastard like me, here it is to cut and paste:

Maybe we should just have Chris drop off a business card at his home so he'll get the point.

I have the Ample boot. Since that rat bastard Jean-Pierre swiped it from me off of eBay at the last minute! :yell: This isn't over between us, JP I guar-un-tee it! :tickled: :) Of course, I'd love to have it if it was re-issued. The price for real Ample CDs or LPs on eBay is obscene. :headbang: