Christofer Malmstrom solo album


Aug 25, 2003
Christofer Malmstrom from Darkane is releasing a solo record with Gustaf Hielm (Meshuggah) on bass, Ryan Van Poederooyen (Devin Townsend Band) on drums and Peter Wildoer (drummer from Darkane) on lead vocals. This should be a very technical album, it will be interesting to hear, thats forsure. I found out about the news from Ryan's website If you check out his site, listen to the MP3 'A Favour' it kicks ass !
Hey everybody,
i'm new here and screwed up by putting this news about the Christofer Malmstrom solo project in the WRONG section. Symphony X kick's ass though ! I thought musicians corner was just general conversation....I know, pretty dumb mistake.

Anyways....The Symphony X tour with DTB opening should be pretty cool