Chuck Billy Sings Michael Jackson's "Thriller"!

Not unsurprisingly, I am relieved to say that I totally disagree with your opinion on that cover ;). Chuck sounds great even if I would have slightly preferred him using the "Nobody's Fault" voice here (still, I'm glad there's no growling 'cause it wouldn't fit here at all). The band behind him, on the other hand, could have done a better job, though, just as whoever made the re-arrangement of the song into metal. Notwithstanding the foregoing it all makes for an entertaining listen for me. This didn't make Chuck any less metal in my eyes. Quite the contrary, actually.
The song just isn't conducive to metal.And how the hell does it make Chuck more metal? lol I'm not sure there is anything I hate more right now than this cover.
You can't take the cheese out of cheese.But I am sincerely glad you like it!