Circle II Circle/Circus Maximus/Manticora North American Tour

Hoyt - Intromental

U.S.Tour Director
Sep 18, 2007
The initial dates for the Circle II Circle (featuring Zak Stevens, ex-Savatage) North American Spring 2008 tour have been released:

  • 29-Feb - Atlanta - Sidelines Rock Live
  • 1-Mar - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
  • 14-Mar - Houston - F.B.I. Rock Club #1
Support will come Norway’s Circus Maximus and Denmark’s Manticora. Additional dates will be released soon.
Thanks for the info, Hoyt. I will definitely be at the show in Houston (gotta get my brother-in-law to see these guys live,) but if it also comes to Dallas/Ft. Worth then I'll just have two nights of kickass music to enjoy. It may be too early to ask, but any idea on how long each band will play? I know CIIC will get a full headlining set which is awesome, but I'm especially curious to know how long our friends in CM will be rocking the stage. :headbang:
Jeez, man. Those are three of my favorite bands!

PLEASE bring that monster tour to Michigan, preferably Grand Rapids. There are two very popular mid-size venues here (The Intersection and The Orbit Room) that attract national tours. Bring that puppy to Grand Rapids, my friend, and I'll bust my ass to help you promote it around here.

If Grand Rapids is out (and why should it be?) Detroit has I-Rock Nightclub and Harpos. Even Saint Andrews Hall where Within Temptation just played. But that's more of a dive than usual for Detroit.

Congrats on the tour! It looks to be a great one.

Please let them play the HOB in Chicago and not The Pearl Room in Mokena!!!!!!!!!!
I know the chances are slim but one can hope!!!

There is no zero chance that the tour will play any HoB venue. The reality is that this is two week mini-tour by unknown bands to most promoters. This forum distorts the reality of the popularity of certain bands. For example, the Epica tour is bombing much like the majority of the original Therion tour a few years ago. Playing in front of less than 100 people is a reality at times.

We have to prove these bands are a viable option on a small scale before attempting a more extensive tour with futher costs. Geographical distance and larger venues are cost prohibiting factors to make this "test" tour a reality.

You have to walk before you can run.
I will also go on record and say that Hoyt is doing a good job at booking this tour with the available resources at his disposal. However, all bitching should be directed 100% at me for decisions made regarding routing. I don't mind being brutally honest about the reality of the tour business. If you don't mind bankrolling a tour stop not on the list with a guarantee, then I will see what I can do. However, the tour business is not a charity situation. We don't have big labels backing us so we cannot gamble on things.

I can tell you now that there will be no West Coast dates or any other Southern U.S. dates on this run. Limited Time and geographical distance alone decide that.