Circle II Circle/Circus Maximus/Manticora North American Tour

The initial dates for the Circle II Circle (featuring Zak Stevens, ex-Savatage) North American Spring 2008 tour have been released:
  • 29-Feb - Atlanta - Sidelines Rock Live
  • 1-Mar - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
  • 14-Mar - Houston - F.B.I. Rock Club #1
Support will come Norway’s Circus Maximus and Denmark’s Manticora. Additional dates will be released soon.
AWESOME!!! Jaxx on a Saturday! I'm SO there!
Here's how we decide on who can be on the street-team: the ones who buys me the most drinks during ProgPower will be part of it.

Naah ... just kidding :) As Glenn said, we'll look into that later. Right now the most important part is to get the dates for the entire tour secured, and so far Hoyt and Glenn are doing an awesome job. I'm proud to have them onboard the "Intromental-machine" :headbang:

For all you West Coasties, why not take a road trip to Houston to FBI#1 and enjoy the show with us, it's gonna kick ass.

I'm hoping I can find the cash to make it to this show. The fact of knowing Circus Maximus and Manticora are in the US, and I'm not seeing them is depressing. :cry: