Circle II Circle/Circus Maximus/Manticora North American Tour

Fuck my ass dude, this is a good package. Isolate is rocking my cock and I missed Manticora at VI. I doubt San Antonio will be there but man, I can't complain about a four hour drive to H Town for this. Really, thanks for having this come through Texas.
For example, the Epica tour is bombing much like the majority of the original Therion tour a few years ago. Playing in front of less than 100 people is a reality at times.

Definitely less than 100 people at the Firewind show at the Pearl Room (Mokena, IL) last night. Where the hell was everybody? Granted, this was a busy week: Epica the other day, Firewind last night, Sonata Arctica tonight and Edguy on Sunday.
You doubt?
Please don't consider Club Rebel or any place in Brooklyn. :yuk:
Wherever it is though, I'll be there for sure. :headbang:

Ann Marie, I love you, but that statement is just off base. Playing in a place like The Hook or Europa would actually be CHEAPER than playing in the City. And, as for many of us, I do not have a car either. Don't really need one in NYC. Remember, these bands are UNKNOWN. Anything outside of Don Hill's or Lit Lounge in Manhattan will look at these guys as if they arrived from Mars.

As Glenn said, you need to walk before you can run. The Hook or Club Europa in Brooklyn would be the ideal hosting point for this tour. Don Hill's, though nice for local and indie acts, and they would probably book this tour in a heartbest, probably is not the best place for a stop. (No Advance sales. Sound system is meh.)
You doubt?
As for the Edguy, Therion and Epica tours floundering, they really need another headliner. Especially Therion and Epica. They just aren't well known enought to draw by themselves. Also, everyone coming over during the same time can definitely be a factor. I have so many shows at this time, I can hardly keep track of them all. I was scheduled for 4 last week, but only made 2. I surely would love to see more in January, March and April; typical dead months. Screw the cold weather. We need more metal.

I think these factors are a major point. I mostly go to shows in Worcester/Poughkeepsie/Albany, and the bands that go it alone (genrewise) usually suffer the most. The Palladium and the Chance can go from 100 or so (at best) for Therion, Edguy, Helloween, when those bands are the only similar draw, to several hundred when it's Hammerfall/Edguy, Kamelot/Epica, Manowar/Rhapsody.

The other point being all the "same" type of bands touring at the same time is probably a big thing too. I am in an area that w/in a 3 hour drive I can hit most tours, and it seems that all the "obscure" bands tour at the same time. This year, w/in a couple of months I get Sym X, SA, Edguy and Kamelot. The prior nine months it was bands that have been around forever: LA Guns, Nugent, H&H, Tesla, Queensryche, etc. I want to support the newer bands, but damn 3, 4 or 5 concerts in a month (w/ shirts) is a lot of $$. I AM still going to every show though irregardless, love my metal!!!

Of course, it's tough for different bands to know when another band w/ a similar fanbase will be on tour too, but i'm sure it hurts sales if you have to choose. The biggest thing though is touring w/ bands that have nothing in common w/ your band. I'm sure a lot of it is label directed, and there is something to be said for bringing in a diverse audience, but It seems that having at least two bands that have the same crowd for this music helps since bands have to rely on travellers from a wider geographic area, due to the smaller amount of dates.
I would love a date in STL at Pop's, but I will more than likely have to journey to Chicago or Minneapolis. Although if you really wanna make me happy there is a venue that was in Topeka (middle of Kansas) that just moved to KC and I went to the Katatonia show there on Sunday. I was expecting 20 people tops because thats what most shows are around here, but there was roughly 50-70 people there and they were there for Scar Symmetry and Insomnium which I found odd. Anyway, if you guys have any desire to bring it to STL and KC I know one of the bigger promoters in the area for smaller shows, if that makes sense, just shoot me a pm.

I wish we could get decent shows in KC! It can be costly travelling around the country to see all the good tours. Oh well.
ATTN New Yorkers:

I want to send this show to NYC if at all possible. But after a couple of weeks with little to no response, I finally got the 'NO THANKS' from BB Kings and Highline today. :erk:

Please give me some suggestions elsewhere in NYC. I know there's been some names suggested through this thread, but please send me a PM with any pertinent information on a NYC club: name, street address, phone number, website/email, promoter/booking agent, etc. This would be of great help to me and save us lots of time. Then we can move forward on getting this date booked.

Thank you in advance for your assistance one and all! :headbang:

See you at ProgPower next week!