Coal Chamber - Loco (Stems)

Hola amigos! :D

I want you share with you my homemade version of this old nu metal classic song.

You can download the audio files BY CLICKING JUST RIGHT HERE

All the tracks are made using VSTs (as usual on me), but all of them have been recorded in real time.

As I don't have a MIDI keyboard yet, I've accomplished (thanks to REAPER) to write MIDI data by means of using my mic as a trigger (clapping my legs for the drums and humming for the rest of the instruments).

Besides, as I didn't use a metronome during the recording process, I had to create the tempo map, which I uploaded as well. So you'll need to make some edition if you want to make it super tight.

ENJOY! :headbang::headbang::headbang:
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Thanks heaps for this man. An old favourite from the 90's. Will have a play around see what I can come up with!