Coop's - What is this?

No idea Sydo... I tell you what... buy it for me, send it to me and I'll let you know what it's all about it and whether it's any good. :D

I have known that have had that there for a while... I guess for $12 it's probably worth it I guess... hell I've blown a lot more than that on some 'rare' Deth stuff that I don't even listen to... but on the other, I doubt there is much on there that a) I don't already know or b) won't know after I've gotten a copy of the Megadeth Behind the Music... once I get my credit card I'll probably get into way too much debt... and I suspect that item will be one of the causes... but until then.. I can't really help you.
I do plan on making an oder from there for other stuff, so maybe I'll get that too. :)

credit cards are EVIL, avoid. :mad:
Coops, I strongly advise you to follow my lead and pay for all your online purchases by cheque. Most sites accept them, and at least you're using money that you already have instead of paying for things on the never-never. Credit cards, like mobile phones and women, just aren't worth the trouble they cause ;).

Credit Cards rock! I live off mine. Never online though. It's just a matter of self control. You know how much money you have in the bank, don't spend more than that. Easy.

Cheques Suck! $2.50 + each time for the priveledge of spending your own money? Puh-leaze. And that's not just when you write a cheque. That's EVERY DAMN TIME YOU ACCESS THAT ACCOUNT!

Cheques are only for companies that are too behind the times to accept credit card payments, and tradesman. And maybe the odd online purchase.

That's just my $0.02. Can I put that on Visa?