Copyright and files question


Sep 21, 2002
North Carolina, USA
Hey Travis I thought I'd ask you a question that I've wondered about recently and possibly other artists have also.

Say you created me artwork for an album. Would you own the copyright for the files/images or would the record label? I guess what I'm asking is do you have a contract written up that states that you own all the imagery and the files that you create and you only provide a means to get the final finished product? Or do you have it worked out that everything you create is owned by the client? Or do you have different contracts made up that if you give them the rights that they pay a lot more for the files? I dunno, how does all that work?

Any and all info on this is appreciated.

This question came up at another forum I go to:
Client is a government agency and wants all my files for a job I did last year (very lucrative). I've heard of designers charging for this as it means the client will cut you out the loop for future versions etc. They are changing the design but don't want to pay me to do it, their in house graphics dept will do the work. Copyright has never been my area so do they own the copyright and can do whatever they want with it? Any feedback would be useful esp if it's happened to you. Thanks