D20 - New idea and mix (Axe Fx, S2.0, Redwirez)


May 19, 2008
Hey everyone,

Well is been awhile since i last mixed/recorded something. I've been working on this idea for a bit and decided to just record what i have of it so far. Its still just an idea, and the progression of it isn't set in stone yet. For guitars i used my Schecter C1 Blackjack with EMG 81/85 into the 5150 model and Recto New model with the Axe Fx with a couple of Redwirez IRs. Bass was my 2 tracks of my Spector 4LX using the SVT model and the Fas Modern. Drums were all S2.0 using the Avatar kit.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1046513/D20 - The Game of Life.mp3


Sounds really good and balanced, but I can definetly hear the Axe Fx sound in it. I'm probably damaged from recording to many Axe Fx clips at home.

Thumbs up!

Thanks commenting and checking it out!!!

I'm with ya on the recorded too many clips with my Axe Fx. haha!

Love my Axe Fx!
Nice sound! But i think there is a little too much bass on it, anyway very good riffs :)

btw. awesome snare - my favourite type ;)
Many thanks!

Just out of curiosity is it too much bass guitar, or just bass in general?

Love me some piccolo snare! ;)