Deactivation of Firebox forum

The end of this site/forum/group

12.06. is my birthday and what’s the better way to celebrate that in 2009 than to erase the final links between me and Firebox Records. Thus today it was initiated the final closeure of Firebox/Firedoom related forums and websites that has been under my jurisdiction during the last few years. As Firebox/Firedoom don’t have interest to run these sites, this is the last message here.
Thanks for all those who contributed to these efforts during the years.


J-P Muikku
I stopped working for Firebox in late February but as I have been working there some seven years now, it was not so easy to switch off all the programs what I was running or controlling or reporting. But now all what you can find online about Firebox is the mailorder as that is what is remaining of the Firebox. Label continues with one release (Plutonium Orange). Firebox Agency is now separate entity not related to Firebox Ltd and Firebox Metal Fest has always been on it's own -

Pity that this forum didn't take off as planned, but failure is always an option.