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Album: From Wings to Bare Bones CD (jewel case)
Code: KMPS004
Barcode: 6430031730043
Label: Kampas Records.
Genre: dark / progressive metal
Release date: 2008

VERSO band's, originating from Pori Finland, rather expected first release
"From Wings to Bare Bones" is finally seeing daylight on 24th Sep 2008.
The album is published by, known of its quality, Kampas Records.

The band's musical leanings have been told to go close by bands such as:
SOILWORK, IN FLAMES, SCAR SYMMETRY, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CHIMAIRA. The band itself regards their world of sound as dark matching metal with semi-progressive delicacies. Quoting the critics: "VERSO is a new Finnish sensation in modern metallic heaviness."

- Fans' favourite of all Kampas releases
- For fans of In Flames, Chimaira, ... and dark or progressive metal
- Real progression in music, causing conflicts among critics

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Album: King of Deceit CD (jewel case)
Code: KMPS003
Barcode: 6430031730036
Label: Kampas Records
Genre: progressive metal
Release date: 2008

King of Deceit is an album from music school musicians to the listeners
with taste.
The album was made with real professionals (both musicians and the rest) in a studio Tauko of Espoo Finland. The solid delivery of progressive
metal has found inspiration from a thousand and one places including Frank Zappa, Dream Theater, Metallica, Van Halen, A Perfect Circle and so on and so forth.

The band members are involved, also, in other acclaimed bands such as:
Malpractice, Soulcage, To/Die/For thus collecting a wider visibility and
fanbase. The multitasking band members have always been succesfull to
represent Reversion in all necessary occasions, for one, such as gigs
which the band do approximately a couple of times a month.

- Finnish progressive metal is hard to find, with this quality even harder
- Solid professionals delivering and not just talking about it
- Guitar based prog metal listener's wet dream

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ADASTRA - Death or Domination CD 26.02.2009

Album: Death or Domination CD
Code: VRJ019
Barcode: 6430015109186
Label: Violent Journey Records
Genre: heavy metal
Release date: 26.02.2009

Death Or Domination, the sophomore album of the Finnish traditional metalheads, is a 60-minute crunching mix of melody, aggressive riffs, catchy choruses and ear-tearing guitar leads, sugar-coated with jawbreaking production from Santeri Salmi (Drop Hammer Studios) and Svante Forsbäck (Chartmakers studios). If you're a fan of old-school metal like Priest, Maiden and Metallica, you'll feel home right away with Adastra!

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