Off Records Finland - news/updates

Off Records Finland is a Finnish (what a surprise?) metal/punk label that is part of Firebox Agency 'family', so here's some short news regading their activities.

Finnish dark/goth rockers Gotham O.D. have released new videoclip called Blame. The track appears on their debut album Monochromatic, that was just released for distribution on GAS territory by SPV GmbH.

The band will do a short tour in late October with Agency mates Dark The Suns.

The new videoclip can be viewed at
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Finnish melodic death/dark metal band Manufacturer’s Pride is right now in studio recording their second album for Off Records. Update from the band: We have recorded everything except some vocal parts for the upcoming album Sound of God's Absence! What I have heard so far it's going to be way more massive and darker than the debut, it won't make your Novembers any brighter.
You can check out their studio diaries at youtube:

This old interview just passed one year anniversary, but it's still worth checking out:
Manufacturer's Pride update
We're really busy at the moment. Album is almost recorded and it's going to be stunning. There's also some awesome quest vocals, so be prepared because there's no God on November! Some free goodies are on the way for all of you about month before album release, but we're not going to reveal anything more about it now. Some new videomaterial is coming too, like new part of diary and music video.

You can also reach the band at Facebook.
Manufacturer´s Pride news:
Sound of God's Absence release date postponed till February 2009!
We have decided to postpone the release of the upcoming album till the next February, for it is more favourable time for the album than November. Some samples will still be released on November 26th, for example free downloadable internet single "Murder Mandate". All the other announced dates will remain the same, album's pre-listening in Inferno, Jyväskylä 14.11.2008 and the album's release gig, Lutakko, jyväskylä 5.12.2008, where we will play all the new material. More reason to attend the show!
Gotham O.D´s new album on the way

The band is working on the new songs for the second studio album. The composing has been going on practically since the release of the debut, and the guys have very much material ready to work on. These various ideas have been molding into full songs at a few rehearsing sessions during
the end of the year 2008. These sessions have been taking place in the countrysides peace at Kerimäki and in Pieksämäki rehearsing room.

New, yet unnamed album is due to be released in September 2009, and the recordings are planned for the spring. As stated before, Firebox/Offrecords will be in charge of releasing. Firebox will also handle the distribution in Finland.

More information will be given later on the production, so stay tuned!

The guys are doing a few shows while recording the album, and naturally they will do a tour in the fall promoting the new release.
Looking for drummer, new album Grave New World coming in spring and some gigs planned outside of Finland too.

Jyväskyläläinen darkmetal-yhtye Soulfallen etsii rumpalia. Julkaisemme toisen pitkäsoittomme 'Grave New World' keväällä 2009 ja sen tiimoilta on keikkoja tiedossa Suomessa ja ulkomailla. Etsimme seuraavanlaista henkilöä:

- hyvä tyyppi
- soittotaidon pitää olla sellainen että biisit eivät tuota ongelmia
- aikaa ja motivaatiota
- keikkakokemusta
- asut Jyväskylä/Tampere/Keski-Suomi akselilla

Musiikkia voi käydä kuuntelemassa osoitteessa
Yhteydenotot osoitteeseen info @

Otahan yhteyttä, jos homma kiinnostaa!
Soulfallen – Grave New World 05/2009 [Offcd008]

Jyväskylä, Finland based death/dark metal band SOULFALLEN will release their second studio album in this spring. Titled “Grave New World”, the album was recorded in studio Watercastle by Arttu Sarvante, while mastering was done by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. The album will be released by Off Records Finland while actual distribution will be done by Firebox Records/Firebox Export.
Finnish release date is 04.03.2009
European release date is mid-May 2009

The label is looking for North American and Latin American licenses for this album and bands 2007 debut album World Expiration.

New song “Devour” is now available for listen on bands myspace page - - and the song can also be downloaded from bands official website - – which was relaunched just few days ago.

Soulfallen: "Grave New World" 2009

1. A Hearse With No Name
2. Devour
3. To The Wolves At My Door
4. This World Is Bleeding Flies
5. Grave New World
6. Towers Of Silence
7. Embrace The Scythe
8. Serenity's Throne
9. We Are The Sand

Upcoming Soulfallen gigs:
03.04. Dante's Highlight, Helsinki (w/ Shade Empire & Pressure Points)
11.04. Lutakko, Jyväskylä (w/ Swallow The Sun)
15.04. Henry's Pub, Kuopio (w/ Manufacturer's Pride)
17.04. Ball's, Kajaani (w/ Shade Empire & Pressure Points)
The band has some plans to play abroad during the summer. All booking is done by Jaakko Tarvainen of Firebox Agency.