demon of the fall intro?

[KOTNO]Narrot said:
Moonlapse: your audiofile really sounds like Strapping young lad imo. i am sure it's not taken from city tho. anybody here that knows As heavy as a really heavy thing well enough to confirm or falsify?

that's the dumbest thing I"ve ever heard. NO way in hell it's SYL.

do a search....this has been discussed a long time ago. like..8 months ago. Somebody did a good job of figuring it out. I can't remember off the top of my head though.
every thread that has been brought up about the intro has never gotten an answer.
anna ask your husband already!!! :D
foulwing said:
if you ask me.. the right channel could be Entombed

That's probably a pretty good guess: it seems to have that late 80s/Early 90s Swedish death sound to it (the right channel). I remember hearing Left Hand Path a couple of years back...sounded in the same ballpark...

Actually, now that I think about it, I recall Mikael saying he liked that album or something.

Anyone here familiar with LHP?
actually the more that i listen to the right drums i keep thinking morbid angel.. at first i got entombed cause of the drums but the guitars sound more morbid angel..
the drums and guitar are so morbid angel .. im getting there.. ima go through all the morbid angels albums i got ahahah till i find it... altars of madness here i come