Deth at the enmore


Apr 14, 2001
OK, whos going to the concert at the enmore theatre, and who is willing to/is going to go stand out the front of the place for hours beforehand to get front row to the twin guitar assault that is Dave and Al????????
Woohoo, Onya coops!
And to all the guys undecided so far......Think about it.... i make you look good when all the women walk past , they see me, and you lot automatically look better......SO theres no excuse, we all line up for hours on end for the best seats in the house :D
Haha!! The maiden downunder bulletin boarders are taking over the concert Mwahahaha! :D
Come on folks, who else is joining us???
My internet has been down for a week or 2, and I didnt know that the tix were on sale!
Are there still any standing room tix left, or does anyone have a spare that I can buy off em.
I wanna go to the Sydney show, but dont want crappy seats. I wanna join in with all you hooligans up the front!!
There should be some left spruce, i got some the day after they went on sale, ring ticketek and see! As long as you get general admin you should be right!
There are still general admission tickets left(well there were yesterday anyway).I got my GA ticket yesterday(5 days after they went on sale)...doesn't look like they have sold many tickets so far.

Not sure how close to the front i will get as i will probably go to the pub next door(well about 100metres away) for a few beers before the show but i hope to meet some of you then anyway.

I have to say that i am not a huge fan of Megadeth and have been less than impressed with them before (many,many years ago when they cancelled at least 2 tours in the 80's and then when they did finally decide to come out 10 years ago at the Enmore and played for only 45 minutes).Hopefully it will be a much better show this time.I got the new CD the other day and wasn't really that impressed with it(only heard it once so far..maybe i should give it another listen.The only other Megadeth i have is "Peace Sells" on vinyl.
No!!!! Get countdown to extinction, its the best!!! :) RIP is great too of course, but CTE is the best deth album imho!

Spruce: Got your ticket yet????????
Yeah i seem to be fighting an uphill battle trying to convince everyone that CTE is best, im right though of course :D
But RIP is fantastic too, especially lucretia, that song rules! :)
gotta love that Dun-na-na-na Dun-na-na-na Dun-dun know the one i'm talkin about ;)

oh yeh and with keeping with the orginal were all going to be 'Thrashing and Smashing to MEGADETH !'

But Where are we gunna form out 'Metal Miltia' (or meet up ;) ) ??