DI Box & Reamp Box advice needed


May 17, 2010
Hey guys,

As you might have noticed, Im new here on this forum. Lately I have discovered the great concept of reamping guitar tracks and I have been reading some posts here to find out how it works (still learning). Currently Im using a Line 6 Studio UX2 as my audio interface and I have found a way to record the dry signal from my guitars pickups while monitoring my amp sims from POD farm. But I have a few questions:

1) Is the quality of the dry signal from my UX2 good enough to be reamped?
or would you suggest I buy a DI Box for this purpose?

2) If the dry signal from my UX2 is good enough to be reamped, will I then
need to buy a Reamp Box in order to reamp? or is it only needed if my DI track is recorded using a DI Box?

3) Is it possible to record the DI signal with a DI box through the UX2 as an interface without losing quality
of the DI track? or will the UX2 render the signal in a negative way?

Hope you will give your time to answer my questions.

Hey man. I asked a similar question not very long ago. Check my posting history for the thread "reamp process help." I am using a UX8 so the answers will be relevant for you as well.
Hope it can help you out.
I have noticed when recording a DI track using my UX2, I cant make it as loud as a DI track recorded from a DI box, because it starts clipping. Is it because the DI box "captures" more frequencies? or is it my settings on my UX2 or something? Please help me out, Im aiming for good quality DI tracks for reamping.
You need a DI box to convert the line level lo-z output from your UX2 to a guitar level hi-z output that your amp expects to see.

A good DI box should give you better results than the UX2, but you should still be able to get something decent using your ux2 I reckon.

As to why you can't get the UX2's input as loud as the DI box, maybe your pickups are clipping the analogue stage of your UX2, but the DI might be able to take a higher input voltage so it doesn't clip?