Need advice on Reamp box and maybe DI box =)


Jun 26, 2007
Hi guys! I need to get my self a reamp box ... only thing I see is a big price difference but I don't know how good/bad they are. With active pickups should I go for a passive or active re-amp box ? All inputs are welcome .... I have been looking at Radial boxes but maybe there are other things that are better or have a better price and do the same ?

Last but not least ... If I record the signal to my DIGI 003 DI .... How much better would the signal sound with a DI box compared to the DI in the soundcard I have ? Is it worth it ?

Never tried any DI/RE-AMP boxes out before so that's why I ask before I go buy one =)
Thanks! :worship:
Thanks guys! you are the best.

btw any news about nebula =P

Edit: I have read fast now and this is very detailed info! Without going too deep into any specs and info would a DI box take the tone MUCH better than a DI input on my DIGI003 ? I can't get that out of what you write in the other post.....