DI/Reamp Box


Amiga Enthusiast
Oct 30, 2003
Nottingham, England.
Looking at buying one of these, I'm gonna be more wanting the DI function than the Reamp, but would like to be able to Reamp if a need to. Now is it worth me buying a Reamp box for those few times I'll need to Reamp, or will a DI in reverse give me the same sound quality? Also can someone recommend a DI box, don't worry about price, I just wanna see what's the best out there.
I don't understand why some people say that a d.I backward doesn't work, and some say the opposite... I tried for fun doing it with my sansamp bass driver D.I and it worked well... but did it work because of these + 10, -20 + 20db switchs on the pedal that a regular D.I doesn't have?
i have pads on a shitty ART DI that i got for 30 buck and it reamps perfectly fine, albeit the quality is probably not as good as a Reamp or even a better DI. PS: Radial Pro DI even includes instructions on how to reamp with it!