Digitech GSP1101 "RIP LIVE" Settings


New Metal Member
Jun 7, 2014

I know you probably get tons of guitar and gear questions, so I will keep this short.

I have recently started using a Digitech GSP1101 in addition to the old tube amps I have played for years.

The reason ? Trying to add some newer, tighter, modern tones.

I like the sound you got on the 2010 LIVE Rust in Peace DVD and I know you guys were using the GSP1101 on tour.

Question -- do you happen to have a saved file of the presets you used to use then ... and/or some other records of how you had this Digitech preamp programmed during that time.

I don't expect you to look for these info at no cost -- I would gladly pay you for your time and effort --- technical advice so to speak.

Thank you Sir.