Disney buys LucasFilm


Aug 21, 2011
So, does this mean Redemption could do the score for the next Star Wars movie?:p

Nick, not knowing exactly how many hats you wear for Mickey, will you get the opportunity to play any part in this new acquisition?
Maybe he can get them to release the original trilogy restored without all the added crap to it.
LOL. Well...this is what I do for Disney. I was one of the senior team on the Lucas acquisition. So yes, I was very involved.

No Redemption music is planned for future Star Wars films, though. :)
Too bad. Songs like "Sapphire", "Black and White World" and "Love Kills Us All/Life In One Day" have infinitely more emotion than the drivel that comprised Episode II. In the scene with Padme and Anakin flirting in the field, I kept expecting Heathcliff and Kathleen to jump out at any moment to run into each other's arms.