dogs don't poop inside

you go walking your dog a couple times a day, and that's when the dog poops

i can't believe i'm explaining the finer points of dog pooping to someone over the age of 8. you should know this

ah, thanks man!
golden retrievers seem like very nice dogs but they're so common, i wanna be avant-garde and cool
Just get a mutt. One as mutty as fucking possible. Pure bred dogs are nearly retarded and have shit loads of health problems.

this is not necessarily true, the finnish lapphund is generally very healthy, as are many other breeds in the spitz family, and many other ancient/old breeds

but yeah i wouldn't mind a mutty mutt mutt either
Well perhaps pure breds are better off in Europe. In America you have inbreeding and the American Kennel Club to blame for stupid, ill-tempered, unhealthy breeds.

My last dog was a mutt and my next one will be too.
Legit contemplating dog walking as a side hustle.

Dont laugh, hear me out. I really want a dog (a doberman to be precise.) Not the right time or place in my life to have a mange drool bag of my own. I think I can get some of this mange longing out of my system by walking a flea bag on occasion for good ole coin. Only downside is every dog around here would fit in a purse.

ex fuckbuddy of mine used to do that. she used an app called Wag, i think. cant remember. it was straight bar money for her (she works for baker hughes, so she dont need the cash) and exercise.

she would pull in a few hundred a month.
Yea thats what Im looking for. Just some extra coin to buy guns, ammo, and some tequila.

Plus as I mentioned, quelling this dog longing. Every few months I research the shit out of dog breeds for a few days until I come to my senses. Were in a 2 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the favela of my dismay. Everyone in the complex has a mutt, but I wouldnt feel right about it.

1) Its against the lease agreement.

2) No room for this hair ball to roam

3) I dont want to be taking it out to shit n piss if I got something else going on.

4) We're going to be traveling a bunch next couple of yrs, who tf is going to take care of this mutt?

So Wag/Rover may be fit the bill for all my needs. I can walk my ass off, am a swell responsible fellow, and live right adjacent to a city which has nicer homes than Beverly Hills. "Oh sure sir, i'll walk your poodle." Maybe this can parlay beyond dog walking and into sitting. Which I wouldnt be aversed to in small increments.

I dont need the coin per se. Done very well raking in the kopecks the past several years, while keeping cost of living extremely low . With that being said, everyone could use beer money and a side hustle.