Michael Vick and his amazing dog-fighting ring


Mar 8, 2004
United States
I'm curious to know everyone's opinions here on the current case of Michael Vick and his dog fighting venture.

I think we're all pretty disgusted...That's a given. But how much time do you think this guy should serve? As the token hippy animal rights activist of the board I want to give this some attention.

"The indictment details vicious training techniques, contests from Alabama to New York city, $26,000 (£13,000) bets on the dogs and the execution, usually with a gun, of those judged to be not aggressive enough or who lost fights."

Also, what do you think the measure of life is? I'm thinking it's proposed intelligence... We assume Vick is more intelligent than those dogs, so his life must be of more worth. Any dog that kills a person is immediately put to death. But how many dogs does a human have to kill before he is put to death? Is it inumerable? Can you kill a dog every day of your life and still have more right to live than they do? Vick was responsible for at LEAST 6 pitbull deaths. This does not count the 200 or so that were under his responsibility, as he was the leader of this ring of Testosteronic retards.

"The indictment alleges that in 2003 Vick’s friend Purnell Peace, “after consulting with Vick about the losing female pit bull’s condition, executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal”."

Frankly I'm amazed he's getting away with about one years worth of jail time. Americans love dogs. Why aren't we more enraged? Imagine what he'd have gotten away with if he were cock fighting--- Would no one have perked an ear?? Dogs are "man's best friend", and are frequently seen as extensions of our very own families. We mourn our dogs deaths and feel that emptiness will never be replaced completely---Even with a new dog. Their lives are valuable to us. So why is this asshole getting away with this so easily?

I can't believe the coach wants him back on the team after his time is served...

I just hope he's made into a little bitch in jail. I hope every guy there gets to screw the little pooch in the ass.
He was the highest paid player in the NFL, until last week.

edit: Just to let you all know. When he was drafted he signed a 10 year, $130 million contract, with a $30 million signing bonus.
yep, shits played out. lets move on.
Now, if you wanna have a fun thread, start one about the senator from idaho :>
You're all worms..