Drunk as a skunk(continued)


Apr 17, 2001
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I thought this thread is worth keeping! Only had a bootle of wine this far( "Santagostino" =white wine from Sicily=mafioso wine :) )
but I will get there I`m sure(being drunk that is). Virus must have his drinkin days now cuz I havent seen him posting in a while, so he can contineu this thread I guess! Take care guys! :)

Cheers for reviving this thread Adde!

Your right, haven't been very active this week due to me drinking extreme amounts of alcohol and eating lots of curry every day! (Ouch my stomach!) Got no money left now though, so I'll have to cut back! :(

Skinflute playing, perverted boozers?!?! Damn right there are!! LOL!!! :D :cool: :deb:
I don't know why, but this reminds me of what happened last friday night...

Man I hate to go to the local boozer. The place is okay but almost always there's some bloody drunken idiot who wants to fight. Like last friday.

We came back from a school trip and as it wasn't very late, about 1am, I thought I'd go and have a pint. So after driving few rounds around the centrum me mate parked the car and we headed to the stairs leading to the boozer.
Right down the stairs there was one fella I know and we stopped to chat with him. Not long after one mate of mine that I hadn't seen for a while came there too.
There was a car near us where some, unknown to me, gal and guy were doing something (dunno what exactly, didn't look). So after a while this bloody guy comes to us shouting something like "What the 'ck are you staring at?". Well as I was bit tired, I just said to him, and I was honest, that we weren't looking anything. So he begins to ramble and shout and everything and me mate who came last was pretty tired too and got pissed off with that asswipe.

Well, then the next dialogue was 'acted':
Idiot: "Why aren't you guys at the bar?"
Me: "Well, we were going to but there's someone in the way."
Idiot: "Aren't you old enough to pass the doorman?"
Me: "No, we have no trouble at the door, the trouble is down the stairs."
Idiot: "Are you referring to me? Then go you bloody bastard!"
And he pushed me by him.
Me: "Oi! Keep your hands off of me!"
Idiot: "Achha *some nonsense*!!! I will kick your 'kin head! *blablabla*"
Me: "Ya ya, Do you talk to your mom with that mouth? Go home!"

Then I just went to the boozer, and man, was I pissed off! I could've kicked his rosy red fat ass after few pints but he left before that. I heard afterwards that the guy had been thrown out of the boozer c's he was underage, and how much underage! Bloody 4-5 years younger than me (about 15 years or so), still wearing diapers and trying to be something!
I swear I will kick his diaper wearing ass if he comes to me with his shit again...:(

Sorry for the rant guys, but now I feel a lot better! :)
woooooooooo hoooooooooooo......... :)

Its my turn to be smashed for a changed.......... first time in weeks and loving it........!!!!!!

Bored as hell... thought id give the drunk as fark thread a go..... :D

Listening to all of our efforts again..... from day one til now...... and being drunk hearing em all....... i gotta say...... DAMN WE ROCK BOYS.....!!!!! if i never make gig again...... and just play guitar to myself in my room for the rest of my life...... id die a happy man...... these songs are farkin awesome....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanna say.......... Im a as proud as farkin hell........one year ago...i thought maiden solos were beyond my reach......as id only been doing lead for maybe 3 years now..........but since been on here....me skills have just sky rocketed...... and i thank everyone......... GUILD ROCKS......!!!!!

It'll be quite a while before I will be drunk again...
Gotta start my summerjob any week now and that's something to keep an eye on...
Say what you want about the Germans...but they sure know how to make good beer!
I'm in love with Löwenbräu Bier, at the moment. I'd never thought I'd cheat on my
Danish mistresses Carlsberg and Tuborg...., but hey, I can't resist. :p

Cheers! ;)

Weehhhaa! Danish beer rocks, especially Carlsberg! I'm going to the Roskilde-festival (in denmark) again this summer, and you bet I'm gonna drink LOADS of Carlsberg! :D

Too bad Maiden isn't playing there this summer.... they did last year, and the concert rocked (of course)!!! But I hear the biggest stage at the festival is even bigger this year, so it would have been even more awesome to see Bruce run around like a maniac, trying to cover every inch within 1½-2 hours, hehe! :)