Engineer Needed: Programmed Drums, Re-Amp, Mix, Mastering


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Apr 18, 2012
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We are looking for an engineer to program drums and take DI guitar/bass tracks and re-amp (or amp sim if you can get it to sound great). Once we have the instrumental tracks, we will record vocals at a studio near us. From there we are open to either engineer mixing and mastering. We are okay with splitting the separate tasks to different engineers. We are picking our favorite 4 songs.

We all like a very tight sounding recording, not to the point that it looses feel but kick and snare pretty much have to be on the grid. Huge guitars are a must with drums keeping the tempo but not overpowering (we enjoy dynamic parts). Vocals are the focal point with the guitars emphasized during cool riffs or when the song calls for it. We usually have 2-3 guitars tracks going at a time. We will record each guitar track with 3 different guitar settings to give plenty of options for re-amping.

Female vocals (2-3 screaming styles high pitch mostly, opera style singing)
Guitars (rock/metal riffs, some leads, lots of harmonized choruses, some breakdowns)
Open to synth tracks ducked underneath parts that call for it.

We are looking for a great sounding EP. We are willing to spend the money to make it compete with professional sounding releases and will make all decisions in the best interest of the sound. Few bands that we enjoy and like their recordings.

Parkway Drive - Deep Blue
The Oceans - Heliocentric
Darkest Hour - Undoing Ruin

Please reply with samples of your re-amped work, programmed drum work, and mixing/mastering (please have before and after samples) work. After one week we will listen to everything and vote. Second week we will PM engineers what work we would like them to do and discuss prices. Thanks!
Hello from Czech Republic!!!

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Im a young professional music composer, arranger, sound designer, guitarist, bassist, singer, drums & keyboard programmer.

I make music for some clients, do sound design and all multimedia content for Czech audio software company Audiffex,
teach modern composition and sound engineering at Elementary music school etc.

Im very interested in Your post, especially in programming (and sound design) drums and reamping guitars and bass for You.

Check my sites:
Finished older stuff
Unfinished newer stuff with lots of drums programming work.

Feel free to contact Jarek at if You want to hire me to work on Your music!!!
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I wanted to thank everyone for responding. To answer a few questions, we are looking to put out 3-4 songs that have a high level of production. We are open to amp sims for guitars but please have examples in your link. We will PM anyone we are interested in the next few days.