Engineer Needed: Programmed Drums, Re-Amp, Mix, Mastering FILES/BURNING EVE/MP3/BLEEDING.mp3 Last project I did with female vocals. FM.ROUGH.4.21.12.mp3 What I'm currently mixing.

Feel free to email me at at any time.

I generally work with real drums, but I'm very proficient with programming. I have the facilities and a nice collection of guitar and bass amplifiers (Diezel, Bogner, Rivera, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, etc.) with which to reamp. I also have access to a nice collection of analogue outboard equipment for processing.

I don't have any samples of my drum programming easily accessible at this time, but as soon as I locate a recent sample, I'll post it here. I mainly work with SSD4 and Superior 2.0, depending on the project.

My rates are reasonable, and I have time in early and mid summer.