Wanted: Mixing/mastering engineer

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Feb 25, 2012
We are currently recording our debut album and we’ll need a mixing/mastering engineer. More info follows:

This is quite a complex project, featuring 4 vocalists, two guitars, synths and, of course, a bass guitar and drums. We have singing, screaming, grunting, opera singing and choirs. Some songs have up to 5 simultaneous guitar parts, others have orchestral elements, lots of synths and even ethnic instruments. Also, this is a concept album with each vocalist playing the part of a different character. So, as a whole, it will be a rather interesting project to work on.

The genre can generally be considered gothic metal with progressive, folk and sometimes doom metal influences.

We need someone to mix and master a 9-song album (~ 50 min) and possibly re-amp the guitar parts. This is an “Ayreon” type project – most of the participants are guest musicians from other bands – so the whole thing is funded by one person, therefore budget is on the low side.
Ideally, we’re hoping to work with someone who digs the music and would like to have a unique project like this one in their portfolio. We’re not going to compromise with the quality of the end product in order to save money, though.

We should be done with recording the parts by the end of the summer (much earlier if everything goes as planned). So we’re looking to start with the mixing process in September, maybe October.

Hit me up with offers, demos, etc. via PM.
Hello! My name is Ivan, I'm a professional mixing&mastering engineer since 2006 and I have been working with many decent bands from different countries. Please check out my studio pages:
You can find examples of my previous mixes there.

I would also like to mention that I won last big mixing competition on this forum, you can get the proof of this here:

About prices... I can mix this project for €2000 or $2500 (mixing/mastering + reamping).
Looking forward to your answer! Best regards!
Sounds interesting. I like Ayreon.
Check my signature if interested in my work.
Maybe you should state your budget, because people have no idea if they are in your range or not at all.
Thanks to everyone who contacted me so far. We'll listen to everyone's work and will contact the ones we're most interested in working with.

Somebody asked me about the drums. I knew I'd forget something important like this. Drums will be programmed. We have Steven Slate EX and EZdrummer Metalheads.

About the budget. It depends on how badly we want to hire a particular engineer. If we decide somebody is the one and only person we want to work with, we'll just use some of the funds we have prepared for other tasks (website, cover design, videos). On the other hand, if we believe several people will do an equally good job, we will choose the one that offers us the best prices.

@Skaldir, I thought you were into heavier stuff, man? I remember downloading your IRs once. Good stuff!
Some reason my antivirus is pulling a malware freak out and shutting the page down as I try to PM you. Unfortunately I'll have to make my post here.

Anyway, my name is Peter, I have been an AE since 2007. You can listen to recent and previous work right here. Some of which are programmed drums, some of which are not.

I don't want to seem to be an undercutter to @anthropocide, but I would do everything for $1600 USD (mixing/mastering/reamping, that's just my current rate as it stands now.

Feel free to contact me back for any questions or if you like my work. Thanks!