hmm a little different to wat i had envisioned lol

I had envisioned it to be painted with hatred and fragments of baby skulls on the handle for better grip, and have the shaft be the bone of a Cacodemon. Maybe the canvas be the dried skin of a gargoyle, and as I mentioned before, painted with hatred.

What did you envision?
I got the Redux for christmas and watched the dvd yesterday.

Its very well done and I laughed quite a lot at it. Matt's thinking cap, Ol's umbrella solo, Ben's headphones that will never ever leave his head again ever, all classic comedy moments. :lol:

Altogether a great package. I like it very much, well done guys.
That's one part I laughed at was the Matt Drake sex tape
then Matt on the bus or the van or whatever making that yoda on crack voice.
then Matt saying "fuck you man! fuck yoouuuu!!!"
Just got it today, Best bit so far is obviously "Enter the Grave" in Bilbao, I was fuckin there! That was Bilbao wasnt it?

And also,

Mike(in the background): "Theres a fuckin house right up there!"
Witht that thick yorkshire accent, hahahaha
Sounds great, just ordered it from the Earache store. Hope it doesn't take too long to get all the way over here to New Zealand. :p
Finally arrived a few hours ago! Great package! The slipcase cover is sexy. Loved the DVD ahaha, was great. Umbrella metal. :lol:

Darkness Shall Bring Death and Sacrificial kick major ass!! :kickass:
You could win copies of the REDUX with ED STONE rockwear!

It seems amazon has two different listings of of the enhanced version. One is listed as an import with Enter The Grave listed as one of the bonus songs, and the other one has Armoured Assault instead of ETG as one of the bonus tracks. Is this a listing error or just two different versions?