EOS's Crimson tabs ???


Aug 9, 2001
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Does something like that exsist?! I've been looking for it thru search engines and such and found nada. if someone have it, or know where can it be found PLZ PLZ PLZ post here.
thank u, have a nice day.
Hmmm, don't know of anything like that. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out though, just need to find some people willing to transcribe it (I'd do some of it, but I ain't tackling a 40 minute song by myself!).
I'd join in on that (tabbing it). It's actually a pretty easy tune to play and figure out, I've already gotten through almost all of it, it's just that I haven't bothered to figure out which tuning the tune is in, so I guess whatever I play now'll just have to be transposed down to the real tuning (I play in E). We could get people to work on it and assign time sections!
Yeah, I just played along with the first 20 minutes, couldn't play all the riffs straight off, but I could see how they were constructed, and got most of the notes (didn't rewind any of the riffs). Tuning is a bit confusing- I tune to D, and most of it's do-able at that pitch, but I think they are in C, possibly B, there are some really low parts.

Anyone else?