Ephel Duath – The Painter's Palette

it's not horns, it's a trumpet, and the player is Maurizio Scomparin, a very well known italian Jazz musician, who's friend of our Drummer.

11 usd is an incredibily fair price I think, so don't hesitate and support your "new favourite band" ;)
Earache eats my orders. 2/3 of them disappear from the system until I email four weeks later to ask what's going on. It's realy... special.
I doubt I'll purchase it from Earache's distro if I can get it on the Omega (The End's distro) as I have had nothing but good experiences from that mail order. Except for this one time when they sent it to the wrong address after 3 weeks of waitng...
My troubles were months back. They've since changed their store software. It was annoying as it was a recurring problem so I took the nice customer service person's advice and stopped trying to order from Earache.
Davide Tiso, the Mastermind behind Ephel Duath will be interviewed live on Total Rock on Monday 23rd June.
He will be taking time out of recording a session for the station to talk to Larissa (who's standing in for Matt Mason), about the new album, touring and anything else that's in/on his mind!
You might even be able to win tickets to the London show! (24th June - Upstairs at the Garage - London)
Check out Larissa's Metal Lunchbox show 12-3pm (UK time) on www.totalrock.com or if you're inthe UK via SKY channel 885 or NTL channel 874