Epic Folk Metal Original Song (Real Drums & Stems) for mix practice!


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Feb 20, 2014
Hey guys,

http://www.halifaxmusicians.ca/files/stems/Skraeling Guitar DI.zip (I realized I forgot to zip the guitar DI afterwards!)
I uploaded an original folk metal song I wrote and recorded. All of the stems are in the zip file. I also included the midi tracks because the drum recording quality was sort of low! Tempo map/changes are in the midi file.

Here is my mix, but I am by no means a professional or even adequate audio engineer haha.

I would love to hear what you guys come up with!
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I'm trying to give this a go, but the Midi drums provided don't quite match up with the real drum tracks. Was it meant to be that way?
Sinquest, that sounds awesome! Way better than my mix, very punchy and the drums sound killer. Great job man!!

Exafro - I wrote the songs using the midi drums, but I the drummer in my band just plays things in his own way, which could explain the differences.