Eyefear @ Screamfest 09


Feb 29, 2008
We are proud to announce that Eyefear have been confirmed to take part in one of the biggest metal events ever to take place in Australia Screamfest 09.
Below is the official press release and flyer. This promises to be a huge event. Hope to see you all their !!!
Horns Up !!!

Just Say Rock Productions is proud to announce that on New Years Eve and New
Years Day, Australia's inaugural SCREAMFEST will take place at the Enmore Theatre in
Sydney. Never before has a metal event of this magnitude been held on our shores.
No less than 9 international acts and 10 local artists will be performing over two days
for what will be the first Australian metal festival of the calibre of other prestigious
European and overseas events.
Come and experience the best ever metal acts assembled in Australia for a single
event. SCREAMFEST is destined to make history and ensure a New Year's eve to
A range of heavy metal genres will be showcased by a exciting array of some of the
worlds leading international artists including Cynic, Dark Funeral, Destroyer 666,
Destruction, Edguy, Ensiferum, Rotting Christ, Sonata Arctica and Spawn of Possession.
This will be enhanced further by some of Australia’s best local artists such as Black
Majesty, Vanishing Point, Virgin Black, Universum, Eyefear, Synperium, Eye Of The
Enemy, Killrazer, Defamer and Darker Half .
Of the international artists, six of them, Cynic, Dark Funeral, Ensiferum, Rotting Christ,
Sonata Arctica and Spawn of Possession, have never played in Australia so this will
allow fans to see these acts live for the first time. The festival also welcomes once
again those artists who have toured down under in particular Edguy and Destruction
who fired up crowds on previous tours.
It’s a real coup for the festival that after 7 successful year’s overseas Australia’s
prodigal sons, Destroyer 666 has agreed to play for their home crowd fans.
A few words about the overseas bands:
Cynic – One of the most respected and influential acts of their time. Recently
reformed and will travel to Australia on the back of a critically acclaimed new
release, “Traced In Air” that came out at the end of last year.
Dark Funeral – One of the biggest names in the Black Metal scene in the world. They
have a legion of fans and are an institution within the genre.
Destroyer 666 – The long awaited return of one of Australia’s most prominent metal
bands. This will be a “homecoming” that is well overdue and much anticipated. They
will be coming down on the back of their long overdue album, “Defiance”.
Destruction – One of the absolute pioneers and benchmarks of the Heavy Metal
scene anywhere in the world. This band is legendary and very few names are as well
known and well established as theirs’.
Edguy – They would have to be close to currently being the most well known of the
Power Metal artists in the world today. Surpassing nearly all in their genre, they are at
the forefront of the Power Metal scene and they continue to re-define the manner in
which this genre evolves.
Ensiferum – A remarkable melodic Viking Metal band from Finland. They are well on
top of their game and at the forefront of their genre with so many loyal and
dedicated fans of the band and of this genre. They will be here on the back of their
new release.
Rotting Christ – Greece’s biggest metal band in history bar none. Touring on the back
of their 20th anniversary as a band and coming to Australia for the very first time to
perform to their numerous fans.
Sonata Arctica – One of the most exciting, popular and appealing young Power
Metal bands currently on offer. Will perform in Australia for the very first time and wow,
do they have appeal within the genre! They too, will also be coming down on the
back a new release.
Spawn Of Possession – A small coup within itself, this technical, yet brutal Death Metal
act is now fronted by the original ex-Psycroptic vocalist, Matthew Chalk, and they will
be here for the very first time.
The local artists are all first class.
Black Majesty is arguably Australia’s most popular Power Metal band, closely
followed by Vanishing Point and Eyefear. The bands are all signed to major European
labels with plenty of overseas tours and local headline shows under their belts. Indeed
they are the heavy weights of the local scene in their genre and all with international
recognition and appeal. Virgin Black also falls into this category albeit they are in a
different genre. They are certainly one of the groups leading the charge overseas
and making their mark in doing so.
This is to take nothing away from Synperium, Eye Of The Enemy, Universum, Killrazer,
Defamer, and Darker Half. All of these acts are young with tremendous achievements
to date and all acts have locally supported some of the biggest names in metal in
the world such as Children Of Bodom, Cradle Of Filth, Sodom, Paul Di Anno, Vader,
Carcass, Krisiun, and Dragonforce to name but a few.
This will be an event to remember. Unfortunately entry is limited by the venue’s
capacity. However those lucky enough to snare tickets will see in the New Year in
style. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday the 30th July through Ticketek and advance
limited pre release tickets are available through Just Say Rock.com .au
Get in fast and get in early! Otherwise you will only hear the rest of the patrons
“scream” at Screamfest Downunder from the outside!
Thursday 31st December 2009 & Friday 1st January 2010
The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: www.justsayrock.com.au
Screamfest Website: http://screamfest.com.au/
Media enquiries: Tim at Just Say Rock (03) 85817617 / tim@justsayrock.com.au