Fat Free Kick Samples [TCI & NKI]


Oct 5, 2010
Latvia, Riga
At last I can share second kick drum samples and Rapucore helped with TCI since my Trigger is still on the way.
This kick has Direct + mono OH + Stereo OH + Room options.
I tried to get something slate-ish, tell me how far I am;)

EDIT: I don't have any clue why video linked LIKE THAT!
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Hahaha sorry man, wasn't trying to be a dick but saw an opportunity for humor and had to take it.

Basically, the title should be "free fat kick samples" - by saying "fat free kick samples" it implies that the kick samples are free of fat (fat free = no fat), similar to diet foods.
Very niiiiice (Borat voice)
When you ctrl+click the volume knobs the direct mic snaps to 0db, but the others snap to -∞db
If that was done on purpose ignore this.