Fear Factory - Obsolete

I like it...it's heavy.

Descent and Resurrection make the album.

And Obsolete is the only decent concept album in recent memoery, unless you count Still Life and MAYH by Opeth, or perhaps ISOT by Evergrey. Obsolete slays them as far as narration, however. Whoever thought of using liner notes to complete the story? Genius...

As brutal as some death and grind bands might be, FF still give them a run for it. And that's impressive.
The new album 'Archetype' is great. One of the best for 2004 for sure. I'd almost go as far as saying its the best album the band have done since Demanufacture, its a lot better than the last album 'Digimortal' for sure.
Fear Factory is the shit! Digimortal was crap and I still support this group. I believe that Obsolete is the perfect sequel to Demanufacture, and Soul of a new machine rules too. Be warned they make their comeback on 4/20 with Archetype.......


"Born into a world
I never asked for this
got to get away
got to get away
I got to get away"
replicator said:
Great to see some people in the board posting about FF, this is one of my all time favorite band, I was introduced back in 95 when they released Demanufacture, I saw the "Replica" video and i fall in love with this band. Demanufacure is a classic album, and Obsolete is great. Sorry that they broke up, but I read that the would come again, uff lets wait and see an album without Dino, an dthe guitar player would be Christian....um I can wait to hear that!!!

Wait till you hear it!!, your gonna be surprised!! Christian can just about play any instument anyway. 'Archetype' is definately up there with 'Demanufacture' and 'Obsolete'
Obsolete is a very underrated album in my opinion. Demanufacture has a more slick and cleaner sound, but Obsolete is a better album (more complete in it's concept).
Ressurection is an absolute favorite.
I don't Demanufacture was supposed to be a concept album. The song topics are just too random in realtion to one another. Abortion choice? Suicide? Criminal treatment? Perseverance?