Fear Factory


Jul 27, 2007
Any Fear Factory fans on here? I find them to be a very original and interesting Industrial Metal band. There latest album, Transgression, I think is pretty great but doesn't really measure up to there earlier stuff like Demanufacture and Obsolete. My top tracks are Replica, Zero Signal, Pisschrist, Obsolete, Edgecrusher, and Act of God.

[I'm also new here]
If I ever pop in any of FF's stuff, its always Demanufacture. Obsolete and Archetype are good but Digimortal and Transgression are complete shit.

Anyone heard Dino's new band Divine Heresy yet?
just dloaded it and seems ok so far...
i'm not into the, they'r eok I guess, I heard PissChrist and a few other songs from them that didn't interest me at all.
I tried to get into them , but unfortunately I bought REmanufacture.

After hearing that pile of shite I hate the band for ever.

It wasnt even a good techno album, it was just a piece of shit.
Ive always liked fear factory. They had a song about women and rape, it was funny. Every album, i do like less and less of the songs, but something is always decent.