.:: Opinions on Fear Factory ::.

I am going to be thoroughly controversial here, and say that I really liked Digimortal, and only vaguely enjoyed the first album. Cue a thousand cries of "SOO NOT METAL OMG FAG"... but yet, i care not.

I feel that the production of the first album put me off. i liked the Clean edge of Fear factory, as in "edgecrusher", and i feel that Burton only improved as time went on. The Grunting, crushing FF that begun their musical career may have been the closest to extreme metal they have been, which i suppose would be a plus to many of you, i preferred the later albums, with good clean vocal part, retaining stacatto riffs and good double bass drumming, and some damn funky, groovy songs. i am a big believer in groove, something which i feel that in flames and soilwork show good skill in, and FF gave me plenty of what i liked in said areas.

coolest FF song? Messiah. just for the sheer... goodness.
Theres just not that much depth in the music. Though Dinos guitar sound is great and herrera is a machine. I'll probably listen to the albums once a year or something for nostalgic reasons only not because I think there may be an interesting hidden vibe that I can't quite grasp