Feedback on Metalcore Linkin Park Cover Mix


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Oct 3, 2012
My band recorded a metalcore style cover of Linkin Park's Lying From You. I used the Le456 sim and the JakeAC5253 impulse for guitars, and Slate/Toontrack for drums. I've been trying for a while to get a good guitar tone with my not-so-great gear, and I think I prefer the Lepou sim over Pod Farm. But I'm still not totally satisfied with it. Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas on how to improve this mix. Thanks!

UPDATE: Newest Mix:
use a different snare sample they all sound the same is it a gog with multiple hits or a wav?
The growl voice needs something , dont know what, like more open or something

+1 to this. It sounds really thin.

Either needs some beefing up somewhere in the processing, or (more likely) you need to work on your technique more. Sounds to me like you're using a really underdeveloped vocal fry throughout most of it. Your highs sound good, but your mids and lows definitely need work, try pushing the tone you're using for your gritty vocals near the end into a false chord growl, I'm willing to bet the results will be much more desirable.
Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback so far, it is much appreciated.

I just posted an updated mix, with a few changes. I bumped up the guitars a bit, did some vocal panning, changed the bass patch, and made some other minor adjustments. I haven't changed the snare sample as I'm still deciding on it.

As for the unclean vocals (screams/growls), I can tell you that they are not done using the fry technique. My buddy has been screaming for quite a while, and I don't think he has ever used the vocal fry in his screams. In regards to the beefing up of the vocals, I have panned each double slightly left/slightly right (each layer was double-tracked so this was possible). I think this helped widen them a bit, but I'd like to see what you guys think. To provide some clarity, I have also posted a mix of just his soloed vocals. Here are the two new mixes:

Updated full mix:

Screams only:
^ Your links don't work.

Interesting on the vocals though - They sound too breathy to be false chord growls, but they're certainly more brutal than what I'm used to hearing from fry. Usually false chord lows sound really powerful, nice and full when solo'd, and I'm not getting that from these vocals. Perhaps the sound better on your newer mix, but I can't hear it, cause there's nothing at that address! :(
Sorry about that, I wasn't thinking and I posted the wrong links. They should work just fine now! Let me know how everything is sounding to you.
Sounds better - Are you running a DeEsser on the screams? There's a weird breathy frequency that needs to be cut out with a deesser or eq IMO, after that, it should be pretty legit.
Actually come to think of it, so far I have only de-essed the clean vocals. Where would you recommend looking for this frequency?