Need urgent help with this metalcore mixing!


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Jul 21, 2014
Hello UM,

So I was working on this Linkin Park - Crawling metalcore remix/cover and would like some feedback on my current mix. I dont like the way my guitar sounds. I want them to sound like either Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel or any other similar band with similar sound (I know they scoop dem mids alot so thats what I gently did aswell).

Here it is:

I probably did something wrong with the impulse settings. I've added the EVH 5150 with a g12k cab impulse.

If someone please could add me on Skype or something and guide me the way to do it. Skype: septurae

Thanks so much in advance
It sound like heavy distorted guitar pedal into distorted amp... IF you are not making Swedish Death metal, than I'm not suggesting to do it. Only tube screamer type pedal (boss OD, Tube screamers or similar with tiny drive) is good before distorted amp.