HELP! Difficulties getting a professional mix


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Jul 21, 2014
Hello everybody,

I've been experiencing this problem since I started making metal. My mix just doesnt sound right, especially the guitars. I would love some live help with this problem, we can chat via skype or whatever.

Here's an example:
I've covered Whitechapel in this one:

I've been experimenting with guitar vst's such as Shreddage 2 for Kontakt, and im using some TSE free amps.

My skype:

Thanks in advance
The top end (cymbals and guitars) sounds very shrill, perhaps consider low passing on these instruments.

The bass doesn't seem prominent enough in the mix, which I think is part of what is making the mix lack power.

The drums sound pretty fake. Like the individual sounds of each drum is decent but I can tell quite easily that it is a drum machine. Try looking into humanising by playing with velocities and timing.

I like the riffs a lot but the main thing I think needs playing with is the bass and low end, as this is what is taking all the power out of the mix.
Drums are okay in my opinion, but the guitars are way to harsh. You should try using less gain and highs. What ampsim are you using?
Maybe search for common 6505 settings and try to recreate them with the TSE X50 and a Mesa Impulse :)
Yea I already fixed the drums and the bass, but cant get the guitars to work..
I've used TSE X30, EVH 5150 III Impulse and some TSE 808 to get more bite.
Ive found that the 808 with the drive down, tone at noon and the volume around 3 is a nice setting. The X50 at noon on the gain, around 1pm on the eq and a catharsis impulse makes for a nice crunch. Lately ive started putting light comp on the guitar. Gives it a little more oomph.
Im just trying to achieve a deathcore sound, the one Whitechapel has. And work my own sound from there.