Feedback on recent EP i recorded/mixed/mastered


Liquid Studios
Nov 1, 2013
Hey guys, recently I finished up mixing/mastering an EP I recorded for a local metal band. The name of the band is Dragon's Bane and all recording took place in the band's rehearsal studio. We wanted to go for a more vintage vibe so no quantizing was performed on the drums. Also, no samples were used on the drums besides a blend of recorded/sampled kick. All guitars/bass were recorded in one take and then we punched in parts if there were any obvious major flaws, otherwise we left it sort of "loose" sounding. I really dig the sound we got and I feel it fits their style well.

Just looking for some feedback. What do you guys like? What do you hate? You all always have great input and I've learned so much from advice people gave on these forums.

If you like the band, please support them by checking out their Facebook page:
I dig this, nice natural feeling and all. Very pleasant to listen to, but some of the "vintage vibe" as you called it come out as outward sloppy.
Mainly referring to some sloppy timings on drums but nothing too drastic.

I like this a lot! :kickass:
Thanks for the feedback! I can see what you mean. For this we really just wanted it performance based and sometimes that's tough when you don't have the tightest drummer. Some parts I still did have to edit drum timing because it was just too off, but most of it was left untouched. Overall it was a welcomed relief to take this approach as the project I worked on before this I had to do so much manual editing on drums I started to get carpal tunnel haha. I'll share that with you guys in the near future once the band officially releases it. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback